How FGTech Galletto Works with WIN7

FGTech Galletto 1

The following parts show how to install FGTECH galletto v54 software on both XP and win7.

Install sw to default place c:\fgtech

Connect galletto v54 to usb port.

Go to device manager and unistall actual driver of fgtech.

Unplug fgtech from usb and plug it again.

Install drivers provided into c:\fgtech folder. This is important, older drivers won’t work,

Then make usbfix with same file FG as used with v53.

Then try to open sw, if OS is xp run eobd.exe not eobd2.exe

If OS is win7 run eobd2s.exe.

Maybe, you are interest in FGTECH galletto v54 video: