Honda HDS HIM V3.101 Free Download & Installation

I got a 2010 Honda INSIGHT with 59000 miles on it, several days ago it became disobedient, and I can’t find any way that can help me get rid of the problem until I use Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool. Here I would like to share how to setup the software and to diagnose my car.


This is the address I downloaded HDS 3.101 software:!iRQWRIba!DgkpsajZCMYcd7_0OIjJqvwM9XEIXByHtU49wmE_Ipw


The password is interesting: not given to the rude person


Then I installed HSD on Windows 7 32-bit

Language: English

The Device I used: Chinese Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool


Here are the detail steps I followed:

Step 1 – Install HDS PC Ver3.101

  • Open DVD Drive (E:) HDS V3.10
  • Then copy folder [HDS 3.101.015PC] and paste to Desktop
  • Open folder [HDS 3.101.015PC] on Desktop
  • And rename folder [PSXMVCI] as [1PSXMVCI]
  • Open [setup] application in folder HDS 3.101.015PC and now Preparing setup…
  • Click Next to begin installation of HDS PC Ver.3.101


  • Accept the license agreement
  • Select destination (here: other)
  • Select a country (here I choose United States )
  • Enter dealer number
  • Select a language (I select English here) and click NEXT to continue


And setup status…wait for a while

Honda Next Generation Diagnostic System Setup success! Click Finish to exit.



Step 2 – Add information to registry

  • Run [USA-Dealer] registration entries in DVD Drive (E:) HDS V3.10
  • Click Yes to add information to USA-Dealer.reg


Keys and values were added successfully to the registry



Step 3 – Install TizWaz installer

  • Run [HIMGNA] application in DVD Drive (E:) HDS V3.10
  • Click Next to begin setup


  • While installation successful. Click Finish to exit the installer



Step 4 – Install CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27

  • Run [setup] application in folder HDS 3.101.015PC/ECU-Rwrite-GNA-HIM


  • Click Next to install CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27


Status setup…


Step 5 -Run HDS 3.101.015 to diagnose INSIGHT 2010

  • Open [Diagnostic system] on desktop

It is the main interface of Honda Diagnostic System HDS 3.101.015.ENG.WIN32


  • Click [F12] for detailed setup information


Go to diagnosis

  • Select vehicle details, here I select Honda INSIGHT 2010


  • Select [Honda system]


Then choose [PGM FI]


  • [DTCs/Freeze data]



Done! The possible failures of my Honda INSIGHT 2010 are listed on the interface!