Honda HDS HIM v3.017 on Honda Insight 2011 – NO ISSUES

Got the latest Honda HDS v3.017 program and tried it on my 2011 Honda Insight to read and clear PGM FI fault codes… Success!! Put my report here and wish this helps.

Ps. I used clone HDS HIM Honda diagnostic system from China


I first installed HDS PC V3.017 setup application,

then added values & keys in USA-Dealer to the registry,

then ran HIMHNA application to install patch;

later, i installed CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27,

and then setup COM1 as the communication port.

then ran HDS 3.017 on my model


also, you can follow the video guide to finish installation

Some installation puzzles i solved there

This is my model – Honda Insight 2010


I used HDS 3.017 to read PGM FI DTCs:

Open Diagnostic System on Desktop

HDS version: 3.017.012. ENG. WIN32

HDS-HIM-V3.017-honda-9 HDS-HIM-V3.017-honda-10

Click F12 Setup details


Complete vehicle details


Select Honda Systems-> PGM FI-> DTCs/ Freeze Data

HDS-HIM-V3.017-honda-13 HDS-HIM-V3.017-honda-14 HDS-HIM-V3.017-honda-15 HDS-HIM-V3.017-honda-16 HDS-HIM-V3.017-honda-17

New HDS v3.017 read DTCs success!