Free download ODIS-S 5.2.7 Post Setup 99.0.150

ODIS-S 5.2.7 software with Postsetup 99.0.150 from 2020.05.26 and some extra options


Release notes:

Time units too high in diagnostic protocol with ODIS Service 5.2.6

Brands: Skoda, Lamborghini, Audi, VW_NFZ, Seat, Bentley, VW

ODIS-S 5.2.7 with Postsetup 99.0.150 from 2020.05.26  – notice this postsetup can upgrade your current 5.2.6 install(launcher does not change)

Full link:

Please do not download all, as some files are just options.

Password for some files is fantomel

To bypass the mega download limit you can use:

Activation: need to send the ID to @ fantomel for requesting the decrypt keys.

Postsetup 99.0.120 can upgrade your current 5.2.6 install since launcher version does not change.

To have latest postsetup extract upgrade(3a) on top of version 99.0.120 and when asked overwrite files.

ODIS-S 5.2.7 Post Setup 99.0.150 workable hardware:


VAS 5054A Bluetooth


Test reports:

Allready tested on 2 brands (Audi and VW)

1.Working like a magic
2.Online functions also working
3.About 30% speed up compared to Odis 5.1.6
4.Some new functions in SW unknown for me for now
5.Only negative thing for now is crypted license file and impossibility to edit VW details but can live with that.

Enjoy 🙂

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