Foxwell NT530 /NT520 Porsche 997 reviews + FAQ

This post starts with one question: I see the Foxwell NT530 or NT520 on, but they are programmed for other makes not only Porsche. is that an issue? could i just go on there web and download the Porsche software?


Here we go for reviews:

1.I have the Foxwell nt530. you can pull fault codes for any car, but if you want to do Porsche specific programming you will have to buy the Porsche software with I think is about 60 bucks.


2.If you buy a new one you get one make for free. When you register and set up an account you download it. Then you can pay for extras. I have bmw, Audi, and Porsche on mine.
If you buy used I have no idea.


3.Recently ordered the NT530 with Porsche software directly from Foxwell but it didn’t have anything loaded when it arrived. had to register and update/download the Porsche software which didn’t cost anything (assume they make you do this so they don’t have a bunch of scanners with specific brands attached).


Played around with my NT530 yesterday on my 09 c2s and it pulled up the over rev report. Matched what the dealer provided me when I picked up the car in November.


4.I downloaded it for my BMW and used it to read & erase codes. I drive a N54 135i. Someone borrowed it to register a battery in a X3 so I was definitely able to save them a dealership charge. For the Toyota I had to download the software to clear a airbag code.


5.From my Foxwell NT520 and pull this dme on my 2007.

NT530 =NT520 (as for Porsche)

07-porsche-nt520-01 07-porsche-nt520-02


6.My Foxwell NT520 scanner works great ….Great value for the money …Way better than the basic Durametric at least you can do programming …. Works really well on my 997.1 not as flexible on my 955 Cayenne but still gets the job done….My friends are always borrowing it .