Foxwell NT520 Jaguar Land Rover Review: Pros & Cons

The reason why I bought Foxwell NT520 is the total disaster I had with Vxdiag Nano. Vxdiag cannot auto read the VIN from my Land Rover. I manually entered the VIN which worked, but it then took for ever to get to the main menu screen. I started a diagnostic session and had to wait about 15 minutes for it to finish scanning the modules. Once finished it could only see 2 out of the 15 or so modules fitted to the car (My cloned Mongoose lead can see 13 out of the 15 modules). I tried several times but had no further success.


Foxwell NT520 Jaguar Land Rover hand held scanner is quite good. It can see all the modules, read all the faults of every module and show live data etc. The only problem was on a couple of modules, it cant clear the faults and before you all ask, yes I have more money than sense ! I got it uobdii from UK with free shipping for around $160.

After playing around with it, the pros are:-

Its fast, convenient to use and can even show live data in a graph mode. It can see all the modules (although it can’t communicate with my L/H headlight, however nothing else can either). I first used it in anger last month to monitor the transmission fluid temperature when changing the old oil.

The cons are:-

It’s not able to program our modules (although it can on Land Rovers) or keys etc and the screen display is not as bright or clear as the icarsoft i930.

If you need something just for reading and clearing codes from all the modules and diagnosis from live data, this seems to fit the bill. I just found out that at extra cost, you can download four further different marques onto it making it handy for a semi professional.


In sum, I think the Foxwell NT520 Pro is more than adequate for most home mechanics.