Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner, what can do and cannot do

Here is the Foxwell NT510 vag scanner test result, updated by, where you will know what NT510 can do and what it cannot do.


2016-5-5 9:34:31
NT510 scanner CAN be used for a 1997/98 Vw passat estate tdi to to find faults on the air bag system, central locking and reset air bag and service interval lights.
The reg is R679 FKN

2016-5-4 8:53:50
2011 GM Sierra 2500 HD
It will read the TMPS sensors and show if they are active but they do not relearn the location of the sensor to the vehicle.
Also as far as a key FOB all it does is check the signal strength of the key FOB, does nothing for the RE-programming aspect.

2016-4-28 11:40:39
CAN be used for bleeding the brakes & for actuation of the ABS pump, and also used to code a new battery.

2016-4-26 11:40:39
CAN read live transmission fluid temperature for Audi, VW

2016-4-26 10:39:38
CAN do DPF regeneration on Honda 2011 dtec

2016-4-20 09:11:25
CAN do F-250 xlt superduty

2016-3-25 15:22:35
CAN do OBD2, CAN, TPMS, and SRS of 5.4L v8

2016-4-25 11:11:37
CANNOT handle all programming on Audi A3 8p 2009, like add footwell lights as well as electrical diagnostics etc; but can do this on other models for Audi 2009 comes without this system

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