Fixed! VXdiag GM Tech2 error “MDI is not connected to Tech2Win”

Car model and year: GM corvette C6


Diagnostic tool to use:

VXdiag Nano GM diagnostic cable

using a Native 32 Bit Windows 7 computer.



CANdi module was not detected for Tech2.

<or MDI is not connected to Tech2Win).

vxdiag-tech2-mdi-is-not-connected-to-tech2win-01 vxdiag-tech2-mdi-is-not-connected-to-tech2win-02 vxdiag-tech2-mdi-is-not-connected-to-tech2win-03


Working solution:

Make sure that you either load the needed software from the white disc using auto install, or via GM MDI first, the VX driver next.

Hence XV needs to make some changes to GM mid driver when it installed after GM has been installed first,

Next open up VX driver MDI (vx manager/allscanner), and make sure to update the licences and Firmware for the nano,”

If VX manager (allscanner is still not listing the device after the above), the go in to device manger, click on the com port device that is the Nano, go in to port settings, and change it to com port 4, which solve any problems.


Finally! Solved!

It’s working. The problem appeared to be in the sequence of installation. This is what worked-
1.Load the device
2.Execute MDI.exe
3.Install VXmanager
4.Execute auto install with VXmanager running.


PS: the way just solve the Win 10 64 bit loading problem as well!