Experience with 2014.7 BMW ICOM ISTA-D 3.43.50 ISTA-P 52.5.000

I am informed by uobd2 Stacy that BMW ICOM update to the newest version 2014.7; Then I spend US$145.00 to order one ICOM hard disk. It takes 4 days to California.

After I test, it is true that ISTA newest software version is and database version is 3.43.50, newest VIN is 2014.6.2. ISTA-P newest version is 52.5.000, shown as follow.
ista-version-01 ISTAP-version-02
Two years ago, I buy more GT1 and OPS, but during the past two years, I prefer BMW ICOM. According to my personal test and experience, I recommend other BMW repairman have one ICOM, I think the following several points conquer my heart, if you never use ICOM before; better go on reading……

1.Best scanner and programmer for all BMW models.
In the car brands selection, it is available with BMW motorcycle, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW group. BMW group means: BMW ICOM is able to diagnose and program all BMW models, even a part of BMW I series electronic vehicle.
model-list-03 model-list-04
Tips: to test these Motorcycles like BMW, I electric vehicle, MINI and Rolls-Royce, you are allowed to select from the dropdown list of the wrench-shape icon at the top toolbar.

2.Technician can set any language they want
There is a list of languages available for administration and even more language available for TIS. Multi-language available allow all technicians to use ICOM.
3.Multi-language TIS maintenance help and circuit info

4.The newest BMW ICOM diagnostic software needs not turn off ignition switch after erasing fault codes.

5.Wireless diagnosis: I can diagnose in the office or anywhere because ICOM supports wireless diagnosis. It is very flexible an comfortable.

6.As for ISTAP V52.5 enhanced expert version: after finish programming, ISTAP+ V52.5 will hide the programming procedure for a part of non-enforced ECU aim to program single module and reduce the risk of programming.
Note: Not all the modules programming can be canceled, because the system will recalculate the measure after you cancel. If the ECU you canceled is enforced, then it will be selected again and be programmed again.
7.After finish the measuring, click the ECU icon, choose immediate measures, and cancel the measures the ECU need to act.