Does VXDIAG VCX SE work perfectly with DTS Monaco or Xentry?

Experience with the VXDIAG VCX SE interface, does it really work perfectly with DTS Monaco or Xentry? Read this article below.


Review 1.
I use VCX se for several month now. It works perfectly with xentry and DTS Monaco.
well, you need to connect to internet and plug your vcx-se every 60 day to make it work with both Monaco and Xentry. However, also keep in mind that, i have some issues with connecting vxdiag se to laptop with usb cable. it takes too much time to recognize it. i connect ml laptop to internet with ethernet cable and connect vxdiag se with wifi and then update lisence.

i mean only thing you need to do with Monaco is to set it up so it works with wireless.

Review 2.
I use such a device. Works flawlessly. VXDIAG ALLSCANNER MB and BMW License.

Review 3.
I was unsuccessfully using VXDIAG for Ford/Mazda it won’t work for Xentry pass through on Windows 10.

And then I was told that “You can only use it as a passthru with Ford and Mazda. If you want to use Vxdiag passthru with Mercedes you need to buy a full Mercedes license. Vxdiag passthru license is not a general j2534 license for all brands.”

Review 4.
XTOOL A80PRO DOIP will be a better choice,
XTOOL uses the same firmware as VXDIAG.
You do not have to update the annoying license every 60 days.
All supported brands will work fine with OEM applications.

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