Computer crashed when opening super icom

I used ICOM A2 emulator with super version software. But when I opened super icom to enter, the computer crashed/ freezed.


I mailed the seller, and some suggestion are offered by UOBD2 technicians.

They said users with SUPER ICOM software need :

1 to setup current date and time

2 to set to achi mode

3 to change another computer to operate, Dell laptop or Dell CPU 2.0+ RAM 4gb+

Laptop tested ok for BMW ICOM:

-Dell laptops available:

D630, D620, E6420, E6400 E49, E420, E430, G570, X201, X200, X201T, T60, T61, T400, X61T, X60, X60

-other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.

(No time limitation for use. Once insert hard disk into your computer can automatically install.)

Tips for BMW ICOM usage:
1) DO NOT connect the internet or original factory server.
2) DO NOT change the icom software setup
3) Change the PC time to the current time

Attention: From software 2014.1 version, start your car first, then connect the this BMW ICOM hardware with your car, wait until the system light of hardware does not flash, then use network cable to connect BMW ICOM hardware with your laptop. Please make sure you use BMW ICOM as this order, otherwise ista-p will close automitacally after open. DO NOT connect internet and the server of original when you use our software. Just follow our video to install and use it.

It did work. I used Super ICOM on another laptop- Dell d30. Thanks for the quick reply.

Just posted it here for sharing. Hope this helps someone has the same problem as me.