Benz DoIP Hu5 Hu6 Hu7 coding programming retrofit with DTS Monaco 8.13.029

This article is available with Benz DoIP Hu5 / Hu6 / Hu7 diagnosis, coding, programming , retrofit using DTS Monaco 8.13.029 (newest) running on mb sdconnect c4 plus or ecom.


DTS Monaco 8.13.029 test reports: Confirmed

  1. Quick test : quick test of the whole vehicle ECU, meanwhile it allows to edit more functions. (DoIP ECU available)
  2. Variant coding: with variable code to add VO-delete VO function. perfectly and quickly.
  3. Flash programming: achieve complete offline programming
  4. Diagnostic Trouble codes: read out fault codes with definition.
  5. Data Display /IO Control
  6. Complete vehicle coding quickly: read all ECUcoding data of the vehicle at one time, can be written to the vehicle again, completely offline operation.
  7. ECU exchange: two identical ECUs that exchange data by reading data and importing data.
  8. Symbolic Trace: Record the trace file, watch it offline and analyze the fault logic point.
  9. IDidentification; one-click to read all module programming numbers of the entire car and save.
  10. DiagnosticServices: advanced features can see the internal and external data of the module you choose, turn on the computer authorization (not the driving authorization), activate the ECU, reset the ECU, and modify the original frame number.


DTS Monaco 8.13.029 coding, programming, enable the hidden features, Retrofit etc.

212 installed electric folding mirror example
212 airbag unlock example
212 close start and stop function example
212 open corner auxiliary light example
212 keyless entry modification example
212 close engine fault light example
212 close the seat belt sound reminder instance
212 open sound and light synchronization example
212 Change ESP Computer Chassis Number Example
212 daytime running lights at night
212 Change the number of blinking lights
212 installed electric tailgate example
212 installed original atmosphere lamp example
212 low with headlights upgrade deployment headlights example
205 add folding mirror instance
205 retrofit seat memory example
205 installed original atmosphere lamp example
205 retrofit image example
205 change host boot screen instance
205 open sound and light synchronization example
205 close the seat belt sound reminder instance
205/222 installed electric tailgate example
205/222 add keyless entry instance
205/222 Change the number of blinking lights
205/222 cancel driving to watch DVD restrictions
166 cancel urea system example
164 urea alarm solution



Youtube video:

DTS Monaco 8.13.029 running together with mb sdconnect c4 plus to diagnosis, coding, programming Benz Hu5.



1.Reset DTS Monaco 8.13.029.

dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-02 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-03 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-04 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-05 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-06

2.Administrate and manage DTS projects.

Click on ” Administrate and manage DTS projects”.

System settings : Directories, Language, Interfaces (incl. eCom, sdconnect etc), Interfaces CBF, Java, Licenses.

Project administration, open “HU5, HU55, HU6. HU7 etc”.

Libraries: CBF, SMR, OTX.

dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-07 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-08 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-09 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-10(01) dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-10 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-11

dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-12 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-13 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-14 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-15 dts-monaco-8-13-029-on-benz-hu5-16

3.DTS Monaco 8.13.029 performs diagnosis, coding, programming etc.

Click on ” Create a new workspace”.

Tick off  “SDCONNECT” and “ISO DoIP”.

Quick test, as you can see, DoIP ECU available.

Variant coding and Flash programming perfectly and quickly.

Diagnostic Trouble codes: read out fault codes with definition.

Data Display /IO Control.

Complete vehicle coding quickly

ECU exchange

Symbolic Trace

Save changes.

4.Back to click on “Recently used workspaces”.

DTS Monaco HU55OK [HU55] is save perfectly.



Good to know:

Cbf and smr-d are entry license files,
The cbf file is applicable to models: 117, 156, 163, 164, 166, 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 176, 203, 204, 207, 209, 211, 212, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 245, 246, 230, 231, 251, 292, 240, 450, 451.

Smr-d is suitable for models: 205, 253, 222, 453, etc.

cff and smr-f are programming files, and cff files correspond to cbf programming files.
The Smr-f file corresponds to the programming file of smr-d


SMR-D file path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\Xentry \Kontexte \ODXProjekte \PKW_COMMON\dbr

CFF and SMR-F file paths:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\SDFIash\Release\PKW


DTS Monaco VS Vediamo

Function DTS Monaco Vediamo
Whole vehicle coding, one-key save access Yes No
Whole vehicle control unit software number one-key storage Yes No
Whole vehicle fault code reading Yes No
Data exchange Yes No
Quick test Yes No
Single control unit one-key offline coding Yes No
Offline programming Yes Yes
Increase and reduce the SA code Yes Yes
Personalize control unit parameters Yes Yes