Foxwell GT80 Mini Bluetooth WIN10 diagnostic tool $500 cheaper than GT80 plus

New tool FOXWELL GT80 Mini has the same function as Foxwell GT80 Plus and is more powerful. It supports WIN10 system and all 3 connection ways: WIFI, Bluetooth and USB. And GT80 Mini is now available at saving you $500!


FOXWELL GT80 Mini OBD Car Scanner photos:

Main unit front


Main unit back


Specific layout

foxwell-gt80-mini-scanner-3 foxwell-gt80-mini-scanner-4


The VCI Box to connect car via Bluetooth

foxwell-gt80-mini-scanner-5 foxwell-gt80-mini-scanner-6


All diagnostic cables and adapters



Why FOXWELL GT80 MINI is recommended to workshops and technicians?

Hardware and Software Advantages:

  1. FOXWELL GT80 MINI is certified with IP67 rating, so it against dust and water, absorb shocks and bumps. You can use it anywhere.
  2. 8” TFT Capacitive LCD touch screen that will respond to glove use
  3. Fast than most scanners in the market, boot-up and multitasking with INTEL QUAD- core processor
  4. Support Windows 10 pro

Extensive vehicle coverage:

  1. Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide, over 67 Asian, American and European makes and 78 Chinese makes
  2. Compatible with the latest 2015/2016 models


Powerful functions:

  1. Supports the most commonly required service features like Injector coding, EPB, airbag, DPF, brake deactivation, service resets, ABS bleeding, BCM/SIR setup, TPS/TBA(Throttle Body Alignment) and transmission adaptations


  1. Gets access to powertrain, chassis and body systems
  2. Identifies cars quickly and easily by automatic VIN acquisition
  3. Quick test function to test most vehicle systems
  4. Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes and resets MILs
  5. Views live vehicle sensor data in text, graph and gauge format


  1. Merges interactive live sensor graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
  2. Live data self learning and alarming when live data over range
  3. Records and playbacks your data logs for offline analysis
  4. Runs component / system bi-directional tests
  5. Supports adaptations and control module coding
  6. Key coding for several vehicles


User friendly menu lets you quickly navigate to find what you need to get the vehicle fixed

Instant technical support available from our technical team by remote access


More specifications about FOXWELL GT80 MINI OBD Diagnostic Tool: