Audi flash a new ignition lock control module remotely with vas 5054 clone

Hi I guys, I have 2013 Audi s6 and I accidentally reset all adaptation in module 34 for level control. Now I have errors in my suspension. I also have three codes in module 34. I need someone with ODIS around Lincoln NE area please help. Thanks

Answer: It seems like there is plenty of evidence to support that ODIS can be done remotely with getting a software engineer involved.

There is a guy out of Poland who has done this for years. I don’t think he is in business any longer. I found a Indy shop in the UK that will do it. They indicated I need a clone 5054 cable (or real). I’m putting my car back together today or tomorrow and will give them a try. If it works, I’ll post an update.



I used these guys to flash a new ignition lock control module remotely. Cost was

$154 USD (110 british pounds). I had to buy a vas 5054 clone; found one on for around 80USD. One of my friend said he can do keys remote. I can install some passthru software for the usb connection by following the below link:

Password: R0TURB0_VAS5054_PassThru_@_64bit

If pass is not working use Winrar 5.

Credits to @ Roturbo

If the link is not working, just search on google or contact at