Answer to question “E-sys setting for coding NBT on the bench for E-series ?”

Post starts with a question “E-sys setting for coding NBT on the bench for E-series ?” and solutions follow.


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I have a headunit of Bmw F10 with a screen of F30 to make a retrofit on E-series.
I have the hardware to start the NBT
-Power supply 12V 30A
-USB to Can for send correct frame can-bus for wake up NBT
E-sys 3.27
I cannot change the language with the idrive menu, it is in German is when I choose French it always returns in German.

I have several error when i want to connect E-sys. I have read the manuals for coded with E-sys but I found nothing for coded on the bench.

I connect with gateway URL tcp: // 6801.

Which target to choose? F10, F10 Direct, F30, F30 Direct ?.
I tried several target but I still have an error after connect, look in my picture.

E-sys requests the FA but I have no FA by coding on the bench.
I have the VIN of my headunit.

Can you help me to properly code the NBT on the bench

code the NBT on the bench-01 code the NBT on the bench-02


Answers to the above question:

  1. You cannot change language on table in your setup, NBT needs correct response from kombi for language change which your USB-CAN adapter does not send.
    2. Error is normal on your table setup as there is no VCM to be read by esys, just disregard error and go ahead with coding.
    3. Can choose F10 or F30 there is no difference.
    4. Need to use any FA with same VIN as the NBT donor VIN. For E series is best to FDL code options one by one according to your VIN options, FA coding will not give you best results.
    5. After NBT coding reboot you loose connection because you use Windows 7/8/10, to avoid this just set your eth card IP to same class as NBT for ex


Note: The above question and solutions are quoted from bimmerfest, thanks for

neo_andersson’s knowledge.