All package with tuto on Coding F series: 100% tested

Well I received my ENET cable today and did some coding already. If you’re interested in coding yourself, read on

This DIY is intended for F-series BMW’s alone. We are talking across a TCP/IP enabled network with the F-series.

What you need
– An ENET cable.
– E-Sys program, datafiles, token and PIN
– A laptop (a PC would work too but it wouldn’t be comfortable in most cases lol)

Now, you could go overboard and get a power supply cable for constant supply to your car but if you minimize your coding sessions to 30 minutes and have your car running for at least 15 minutes in between, it should go a long way. Also, it’s advisable to do the browsing in the code offline and only do the coding while being in your car (more about this later on).

ENET Cable
There are basically two ways to get the ENET cable. You can buy a complete cable, or you can simply build one.

If you are not interested in building one and want to spend a little bit more money to get a working cable, then this is a site that has been confirmed working by some of our F10 friends:


I wouldn’t recommend other sites, although they may work, problem is that they have not been confirmed working yet. $17.99, Usually, after he receives payment, he can have the cable ship the next day and arrive with you 3-5 days later.

The other way is to build a cable yourself. Cost for this would probably range anywhere between 10 to 20 bucks. You will need to solder a bit but it’s nothing too serious if you follow the instructions to the letter.

To build your own cable, you will need the following:

– OBD2 or OBDII connector
– RJ-45 cable and connector
– 510 ohm .25 watt resistor

The schematics of the official BMW cable can be found below in the attachments and how to solder your cable can be seen in the photos directly below:


E-Sys program, datafiles and such
I currently work with Esys 3.28.1, which work like a charm for me. I have read reports about newer builds but also read about a lot of install problems and such with those builds so it seems best to stick with these for now.

You can find the link to E-Sys here:

Password: ka_rai

Here package with tuto to install all you need to coding BMW F series

included :
Esys 3.28.1
Pszdata 63.3.003
esyslauncher full token ( with .EST full activate )
tuto installing all
tuto to FA code step to step in foto …

Thanks to @ peko (DK Veteran)