2007 BMW X3 Code Scanner Reviews

Car model and year: 2007 BMW X3 SI


It was hesitating as I accelerated on the highway. Apparently the check engine light came on and it ran ruff all the way into town, then idled unevenly.

What to do next?

Don’t do a thing until you read the codes. Your symptoms are not uncommon but could be a dozen different things causing the same symptoms. You need a BMW code reader!!
Get either a Creator 310 or Foxwell for portability and ease of use. Or use an old laptop and get ISTA/INPA, BMW Scanner 1.4.0 or Autel MD808 etc.

  1. Foxwell and the creator Test Report:

I have both the Foxwell NT530 or NT510 Elite and the Creator. The creator is good for quick diagnosis. It reads all the bmw codes and does what you need it to do.

The foxwell is a better device. It allows you to calibrate the steering angle sensor, reset adaptations (tc, trans,…) and just has more in depth abilities all around.

The creator has a clunky interface and isn’t as responsive to button presses which is both weird and annoying. However it is very inexpensive and you can get a code read quickly because it allows you (or rather ONLY allows you) to scan one diagnostic area at once. If you’re not sure which system is creating the fault you might have to do a little hunting.

The foxwell runs an auto scan of the entire car which is very nice but can take about ten minutes. It feels like a better built device.Both will get the job done.

If I had to choose one and throw the other away I would definitely choose the foxwell.

  1. Ista/inpa/ installation + test reports:

Ista/inpa/whatever is the far superior option. It is free except for the Inpa cable ($30?) and lets you do EVERYTHING including programming your door locks etc.,…

My laptop doesn’t seem to have issue with ISTA and connecting to the car, but I do; bringing the computer out to the car is one of those annoying things for me, where I’d rather do a front crank seal than bringing out the laptop. The one time I was using it, even it could reset the transfer case wear code, nor could the dealer the last time it was in for the airbag and PCV recall. It doesn’t bother me.


  1. Creator C110 good test report:
    The few times I’ve ever had a CEL, the creator 110 did what I needed it to;it also provided vacuum, fuel trim, ECT and transmission fluid/substrate temps very easily. For every time I’ve ever had to check a code, I’ve used it to analyze freeze frame data 5 or more times.

Buy the best one you can afford, and as you learn, you’ll be able to use more of its features. Don’t start with a basic scanner and then buy better ones as you learn.



  1. Bought BMW Scanner 1.4.0 and have good test report:

I recently configured (BMW Scanner / PA Soft) on a Win10 laptop.
Wrote down the steps for the next guy… Steps may be similar.

Bought this scan tool for 13.99USD


The CD comes with the software and driver.


Install BMW Scanner 1.4

Connect reader to USB

Device Manager -> Other Devices -> BMW Scanner v14x

Update Driver -> Browse my computer -> Pick from List

Universal Serial Bus Controller

Have Disk -> CDM v2.12.28 WHQL Certified -> ftdibus.inf

USB Serial Converter

Accept Yes



  1. Autel MaxiCOM MK808

I’m using the Autel MaxiCOM MK808. It’s currently priced at $449 on uobdii.com.



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