Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 12 Volvo key programming : Confirmed working

Yanhua Mini ACDP newly adds Module 12 to support Volvo Semi-smart (5-button) key programming without lifting and desoldering. Coverage: 2009 -2018 Volvo. Volvo smart (6-button) key programming will be enabled soon.


It’s easy to operate. Dismantle the CEM module to read out the data, then install the CEM module back to the car, finally learn the key via the OBD port of Volvo vehicle.



Yanhua Mini ACDP supports semi-smart (5-button) key programming.

S60 (2010 -2018)

S80 (2009 -2016)

XC60 (2009 – 2018)

V60 (2011- 2017)

V70 (2009 -2016 )

XC70 (2010 -2016)



Volvo semi-smart (5-button key) key programming function:

Read password

Add key

All key lost

Unlock key

acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-03 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-04


How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to program Volvo key?

1.Prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, CEM interface board and CEM module.

acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-05 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-06

2.Clamp two PCB locks.


3.Link ACDP and CEM module.



CEM position in the Volvo car.



This is the ECM module removed from Volvo car.

acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-10 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-11 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-12 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-13


Help on Unlock key:

Please put the Volvo key into the BAV adapter and unlock it with the CEM password file loaded when the key is matched.



Youtube video on ACDP + Module 12 program semi-smart (5-button key):