XPROG-M V5.74 Download, Suggestion and FAQs

XPROG-M is a kind of ECU programmer tool which can be supported on BMW ECU Cas4 with software version V5.74, there are some using suggestions and FAQ about XPROG-M V5.74 may help you.

XPROG-M V5.74 Download, Suggestion and FAQs

Free download for V5.74 (not tested by professionals):




XPROG-M V5.74 Free Download (work 100%)




1. You can’t update the version to V5.70 with newest dongle.

2. You should close all computer anti-virus software to avert Xprog-M be killed.

3. The hardware may be damaged if the internet is connecting.

4. Xprog-M box is not compatible with other version software that you’d better uninstall other version Xprog-M box software before install, if not the hardware may be damaged.

5. Hardware may be damaged if you try to update it online.



Q: Can it work in Win7?

A: Both Windows XP and Windows 7 can work.


Q: How to read 8 foot chip?

A: chip can be read with free clip adapter.


Q: Can it decrypt BMW CAS4?

A: Yes.


Q: What’s the new authorization in V5.74?

A: Add AUTH-0025 Authorized 13/3/2016