Xprog-M V5.50 CPU Atmega64 Repair Chip is free in the package

Xprog-M V5.50 gets error?
If your Xprog-M V5.50 or V5.48 get any of the following errors, including: machine is dead, xprog-m can read but fail to save, or get “Unknown command, Software error” message as following picture shows.


What cause this error happen?
Xprog-m CPU is broken.

How to solve?
To use the CPU Atmega64 Repair Chip to replace the old chip with this new one as below.


Where to get CPU Atmega64 Repair Chip?
1)Already own Xprog-M V5.48 or V5.0 and encounter any of the above-mentioned error, send UOBD2 customer service these information: order number, product QC number and product version, after we confirmed, we will ship you a new CPU, after you replace old CPU with the new CPU, browse http://down.uobdii.com/XPROG-5.50-without-usb-key.zip to install. Done



2)If it’s your first time to buy Xprog-M V5.48 or V5.5, CPU Atmega64 Repair Chip is included in the full package of Xprog-m V5.50 as following full package shows, no need to buy additional one.


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