Xhorse AM29FxxxB, MC68HC05BX(PLCC52), MC68HC05X32(QFP64), XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS 10 Adapters

Xhorse VVDI Pro AM29FxxxB adapter, MC68HC05BX(PLCC52) adapter and MC68HC05X32(QFP64) adapter and XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS 10 Adapters are in stock on uobdii.com. Here we go for details, pictures and price.


1.VVDI Prog XDPG13CH AM29FxxxB Adapter (SOP44/TSOP48 Standard/Reverse Point)

Read/Write AM29FXXXB series chip (Many ECU types with Flash chip AM29FXXXB)

Package List: 1 socket with 3 different soldering pads.

xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-01 xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-02 xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-03 xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-04 xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-05 xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-06 xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-07 xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-08

2.VVDI Prog XDPG14CH MC68HC05X32(QFP64) Adapter 

Read/write MC68HC05X32(QFP64 package) series chip.

Workable types:

OD69J, 1D69J,1H52A, 0G47V

(Read/write MC68HC05 series Mercedes EIS/EZS)

xhorse-xdpg13ch-am29fxxxb-08 xhorse-xdpg14ch-mc68hc05x32-qfp64-02 xhorse-xdpg14ch-mc68hc05x32-qfp64-03 xhorse-xdpg14ch-mc68hc05x32-qfp64-04 xhorse-xdpg14ch-mc68hc05x32-qfp64-06 xhorse-xdpg14ch-mc68hc05x32-qfp64-05 xhorse-xdpg14ch-mc68hc05x32-qfp64-07


Read/write MC68HC05BX (PLCC52 package) series chip

Workable types: 0D60J, 1K20C, 3G96A (Read/write old type Epia BCM)

xhorse-xdpg15ch-mc68hc05bx-plcc52-01 xhorse-xdpg15ch-mc68hc05bx-plcc52-02 xhorse-xdpg15ch-mc68hc05bx-plcc52-03 xhorse-xdpg15ch-mc68hc05bx-plcc52-04 xhorse-xdpg15ch-mc68hc05bx-plcc52-05 xhorse-xdpg15ch-mc68hc05bx-plcc52-06 xhorse-xdpg15ch-mc68hc05bx-plcc52-07

4. TMS370 (PLCC28) adapter PN:XDPG16EN

Read/write TMS370 (PLCC28 package) chip

(Read/write old type Jetta immo box)

5. TMS370 (PLCC44) adapter PN:XDPG17EN

Read/write TMS370 (PLCC44 package) chip

6. TMS370 (PLCC68) adapter PN:XDPG18EN

Read/write TMS370(PLCC68 package) chip

(Read/write Opel radio module)

7. Xhorse XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS Adaptersfor VVDI Prog Programmer 10pcs/set



Don`t need to solder


Package list:
for W164(ST12)
for W169(ST12)
for W203(HC08)
for W209/211(ZWG)
for W209/211(HC12)
for W211(ST12)
for W215/220/230
for W639(HC08)
for VITO W639(ST12)

Here all VVDI Pro adapters: http://www.uobdii.com/producttags/vvdi-prog-adapter.html

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