Why it’s necessary to have W164 gateway adapter for VVDI-MB?

Where to get W164 gateway adapter?

Look here: http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/mercedes-a164-w164-gateway-adapter.html



W164 gateway adapter works good?

Test 1: VVDI-MB read W164 EIS data without W164 gateway adapter


vvdi-mb-w164-gateway-adapter-test-1 vvdi-mb-w164-gateway-adapter-test-3

Result: Failed!

Can’t start communication with EIS, check connector


Test 2: VVDI-MB read W164 EIS data with W164 gateway adapter

vvdi-mb-w164-gateway-adapter-test-4 vvdi-mb-w164-gateway-adapter-test-5 vvdi-mb-w164-gateway-adapter-test-6 vvdi-mb-w164-gateway-adapter-test-7


Result: Success!

VVDI MB Tool read data successfully! EIS is normal




W164 gateway adapter is a must have for EIS read using VVDI Mercedes.

The adapter now can cover not only W164 but W209 W211.

w164-gateway-adapter-review w164-w209-w211-gateway-adapter



This gateway simulator can work with VVDI MB Tool and original MB NEC PRO57 or APPRO-MB TOOL.

To read Mercedes W164 W209 W211 EIS, you need one gateway to read EIS data via OBD.

With this simulator, you can successfully read/write ECU via OBD.