VVDI2 MQB Experience: VW Tiguan and Audi A3 2015 – Success!

Vvdi2 experience :
Yesterday I added key successful on VW TIGUAN MQB (2015)
1)read & save eeprom
2)read &save immo data
3) make dealer key
4) reset…..
5) add key :
a) method 1
b) give ignition with each key
6) reset
WORK DONE on 15 minutes

Another test: I also did a Audi A3 65 plate 2015, MQB add remote key same procedure. With needles not virtual dash.


VVDI2 and MQB question and answers:


How can i save the immo data ? 
Where is the save immo data button ?

the same button when you save eeprom data
When you read immo data just click on save file … Like save eeprom data


Was the meter with needle or cetais electronic tablet style?

with needle


so you had to pull needles to read eeprom? and why eeprom was it?

no FREIND all was done via OBD and eeprom was 24xxx


24c64 or 24c32

NEC+ 24C64


Not mqb

correct, VW Tiguan is only MQB from 2016+ (second generation)