VVDI Pro: PSA Valeo BSI eeprom pinout

Have VVDI PRO, looking for PSA Valeo BSI eeprom pinout, read this post.


Bcose the two pcb and the two inner pin rows difficult to acces to the eep
EEP = 95160

You must cut the red cross marked wires! (when you finished connect again)

valeo_bsi_01 valeo_bsi_eep_pinout-02


Q: Use another programmer no need any cut wire. This is for me better work…. Or use witt VVDI ISP eeprom adapter. Work as professional…


A: if not cut the wires the cpu will wake up..and blocking the SPI bus bcose the SPI protocols only one master interface allowed and in this case the programmer MUST be the master not the CPU. You can halt the cpu thru the reset pin if you can reach it. On kline isn’t possible. But the reset pin it is the same side like the eeprom
The vvdi eeprom adapter working only if you physically see and able to connect to the eeprom. But you can’t bcose the it is on the pcb inner side. If you prefer to desolder or cut these pin rows and sockets on the picture is it’s your call. I choose the cutting. It’s fast and safe.



Thanks to DK @jodge for his sharing.