VVDI 2 BMW read the ISN from MSD and MSV ECUs and more

VVDI 2 BMW V4.9.0 is able to read the ISN from MSD and MSV ECUs incl. MSV80, MSV801, MSD80, MSV801, MSV802, MSV812, MSV851, MEVD17xx -E Series, MEV17N46 / ME17N45 – E series, MEVD17xx – F series.



  1. Open VVDI 2 BMW V4.9.0, click on “Key learn” then “ECU ISN”.


  1. Select type, i.e MSV80.


  1. Click on “Read ECU Information” and get VIN, type, hardware number, software number, ZB number and type number etc.


  1. Click on “Read ECU ISN”, then get message ” Warning: you are starting to read ECU ISN, we strongly recommend you connect extra power to car! Read ECU ISN require about 6-8 minutes.

Continue? Click on “Yes” to continue.


  1. Waiting…until VVDI2 BMW read out ISN successfully.

vvdi2-bmw-isn-from-msv80-and-mevd17-05 vvdi2-bmw-isn-from-msv80-and-mevd17-06 vvdi2-bmw-isn-from-msv80-and-mevd17-07