Free download VAG OBD helper to install and extract VAG 4th immo

Free download VAG OBD helper to install and use it to extract VAG 4th immo via OBD for VVDI2 key programmer, Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer etc.

VAG OBD helper free download source:!gZJzTKTC!BTVJqa-SmWgrwbd-n0vV8r2glx23d3l2OpN3ZRu1gXU

No special requirements to Window system. XP and Win7 are tested working fine.


VAG OBD Helper Work with Lonsdor K518 and VVDI2:

Lonsdor K518ISE and VAG OBD helper program VAG 4th via OBD

VAG OBD Helper & VVDI2 program VW 4th IMMO All Keys Lost via OBD


Download the above link on the desktop.

Decompress it.



Install the driver firstly, then use the USB port to connect the device.

vag-helper-installation-02 vag-helper-installation-03


Open the software, you will see the serial number read by the cable, the language is Chinese and English.

vag-helper-installation-04 vag-helper-installation-05


There are some pdf files in Chinese on how to use VAG OBD helper to read out the 4th IMMO data and then use the key programmer to program key.


Here a video for example.

VAG OBD Helper Assistant +VVDI2 program All Key Lost for VW 4th 5th


VAG OBD helper Token:

Each time the user read out the IMMO data, it will cost one token. Usually the VAG OBD helper comes with one free token, after it use up, just send the supplier serial number to charge more.