Toyota Techstream V14 reviews: failure or success?

Do you have any good success with Toyota Techstream V14 latest version? Here are Techstream V14 reviews.

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TOYOTA Techstream V14.00.018 (02/2019) free download on win7


Review 1: failed

Have weird issue with Techstream (v14.00.018). I can’t see any interface  when I go into ‘VIM Select’.
I use MongoosePro cable and it works with other software. So this in not an issue with a cable or drivers.
I have also Xhorse 3in1 and the same problem.


Review 2: failed

I had the same problem – can’t see any interface although I can’t remember exactly what I did to resolve it. I believe I did a uninstall, clean with ccleaner and reinstall. You can edit a config file in the tech stream directory to manually select your interface as a way around it.  I’ll have to look at which file it was exactly when I get back to work Monday


Review 3: failed but works now

Had this problem also some time ago.
Something about software conflict. If you have HDs, IDS or JLR installed on the same computer, I’d start by getting an OS where none of them is installed. It’s not happening for everyone so I can’t tell which exact circonstances Makes this happens


Review 4: failed

It does not matter if it works with other software,techstream need to recognise the cable with the drivers for techstream…
Try installing in a laptop that does not have other software for mongoose,to see if its fixed…If it is,then drivers confict between the programs


Review 5: failed but reworked

I had the issue but got it to work again.
As suspected issue was triggered by me when playing with Honda HDS/i-HDS.
To make it fun, in my system problem occures when I uninstall SPX MVCI drivers(I don’t have such interface at all) which are part of HDS.  That’s the moment I lose all interfaces in Techstream.
That in theory should have nothing to do with Techstream, but it does. I can easily reproduce it. I tried that.
I can’t explain why it happens exactlly.Probably there is still some conflict in Windows,since such correlation shouldn’t exist. At least I have now Techstream and HDS working again on my machine.
I still would like to know in which file of Techstream there is an option to force which interface it willl use.



(A lot of failure can be found at


So, what is the latest version should you use for Toyota diagnostics?

Techstream v13.

v14 is only for vehicles made after jan 2019 and also it have some programming issue…

v13 (even the crack sw) can be used with relief coz it has been tested by real professionals. success on Windows 7 for Toyota customization, diagnostics, programming. works perfectly with MINI VCI cable and VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota

Look here: Techstream v13 tested successfully

How to Install Toyota Techstream V13.00.022 on Win7


How to Install Toyota Techstream V13.00.022 on Win7 Youtube Guide:


Have fun