Tips on reading 93s66 with VVDI PRO and EEPROM adapter

I’ve got problem with reading 93s66. When I use VVDI PRO and EEprom adapter reading is all FF. When trying with EEprom clip adapter then all is 00. With clip i don’t use probe. I don’t know how to use it. It’s from E46 and E39 dashboard. 93c46 from E36 was ok with clip.
Is it necessary to choose right producer of the chip or only type of memory?

reading-93s66-with-vvdi-pro-01 reading-93s66-with-vvdi-pro-02


this is a operator error and not the device.
to start with that you have mounted the eprom wrong on the board!


Do you see the little white dot on the PCB?
And do you see the little dent on the EEPROM?
Ok, now put the EEPROM so that both marks are together.

B58608 EEPROM 93C66. Turn the eeprom 180 degrees.

Two more notes – yes, make sure you have chosen the correct EEPROM manufacturer from the VVDI menu. It may not be important for other programmers like UPA but for this one it matters!
And make sure you have removed the correct EEPROM from the IMMO!