How to cut new 2016 yaris blade with sec-e9 or Xhorse condor?

September 28, 2019 sales 0

a 2016 yaris all key lost,  I manage to unlock it with va6 lishi and read the barrel but i can’t turn the ignition with va6 lishi. then I bought va8 lishi and voila you can pick and read the ignition. I have sec-e9 cutting machine and I can’t cut the blade.


SEC-E9 key cutting machine, what can it do?

August 28, 2018 sales 0

SEC-E9 key cutting machine with a tablet can work with Car, Truck, Motorcycle, House Key, Dimple & Tubular Keys. For what specific models it can do, what real it can do after test, how to do. Go on reading the following parts.