Super VAG K+CAN Mileage Adjustment on VW 2008

Here, I will introduce new function of the powerful SUPER VAG K+CAN Plus and shows the easiest way on how to change the VW odometer using it, which only cost you a few seconds to finish!





SUPER VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 Features:

  1. Software Version: 1.2

Firmware Version: V6.1.8

  1. Supported Languages: English, Spanish
  2. Support odometer correction for the car models after 2007 year except Audi A4 and TT
  3. Update: online


Newly Added Function:

  1. Added Audi A4 RB4, RB8 read pin
  2. Fixed Audi A4 RB4, RB8 change km bug
  3. Added EDC16u1, EDC16U31, EDC16U34 change km
  4. Added EDC16u1, EDC16u31, EDC16U34 close immo, open immo functcion
  5. Added VW dash NEC24C32 change km 2008-
  6. Added VW dash NEC24C64 change km 2009-


How to change the VW odometer?

First of all, connect Super VAG K+CAN (The slot below the dashboard)



The current mileage is 95000km



Choose “Odometer Adjust”

super-vag-k-can-plus-20-04 super-vag-k-can-plus-20-05

Enter “CDC32XX 2007- ” option


Then input new mileage you want, here input 94000 as an example.



Update Success! Look at the odometer, the mileage has changed to 94000KM!

super-vag-k-can-plus-20-08 super-vag-k-can-plus-20-09



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