S-JMD red chip & K – JMD Blue King Chip

JMD Universal Chip design by JMD company

Blue Chip (K -JMD)  = 46+4C+4D+T5(11,12,13)+G (4D-80bit)

Red Chip (S -JMD) = Blue King Chip + 47 Chip + 48 Chip

Red Chip = 46+4C+4D+T5(11,12,13,33)+G (4D-80bit)+47+48

s-jmd-red-chip- k-jmd-blue-king-chip-01


S-JMD red chip features:

  1. Red Chip = 46+4C+4D+T5(11,12,13,33)+G (4D-80bit)+47+48
  2. Handy Baby users have exclusive copy function.
  3. Copy and generation unlimitedly.
  4. Copy and program when all keys lost.
  5. Can program with any OBD clone machine.

s-jmd-red-chip-02 s-jmd-red-chip-03


S-JMD red chip real pictures:

s-jmd-red-chip-04 s-jmd-red-chip-05


And K – JMD Blue King Chip

k-jmd-blue-king-chip-06 k-jmd-blue-king-chip-07