Renault Can clip V178 ISO free download and install on Win 7 8 10

Provide free and safest source of Renault Can clip V178 download link, followed with installation, activation tips, testable interfaces and V178 release notes etc.


Can clip V178.iso (2.15 GB)!FQhiyBZa!AxlDqIS6AM7dTUQ1zfrbv6BPmobzrlPvt5gT85XiRb8

use win 7 32x 64x will give errors

NOTE: still working on win7,32 bits,like mine, without any problems….but….on 178 the smart guys from Bosch Diagnostic(the provider of diag software),put a tracking “something” in this software…so beware of using it…..

Please pay attention to use.

There a message on desktop when open clip…..that describe the whole stuff…do not open internet connection, when close clip, it;s send automatically your work to the Renault

and your ip as well.



Torrent Source:!xFJ1kSAR!hdY2ecuYDqkMI9LNJEYd6k7_CGDG6xls2HAnLnylq5c

No password


Safest source + no need to worry you can’t access to Mega or the torrent:

can-clip-v178-01 renault-can-clip-v178-02 renault-can-clip-v178-03

O.S.: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

– CPU: Intel/AMD 2 GHz or higher

– RAM: 1 GB of system memory

– Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space

– Optical Drive: DVD-ROM

Language: English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish

***I tried many times with internet connection and have no problems.


Here two Can clip V178 installation tips in the form of FAQ.

Q: i have a message “your OS don’t allow you to install this version of clip”

windows XP 32bits

A: w7 up only, xp to old now


Q: I am following the Activation Patch instructions and when I double click the patched RSRWin.exe nothing happens?

A:Restarted the laptop. replaced the RSR file with original and opened the software.


Can clip V178 is tested working perfect with all availabe of Renault can clip interfaces: 

Like Best Quality one with full chip AN2135SC AN2136SC

renault-can-clip-v178-best-quality-pcb-01 renault-can-clip-v178-best-quality-pcb-02 renault-can-clip-v178-best-quality-pcb-03


also this one at lower price

renault-can-clip-v178-better-price-pcb-back-02 renault-can-clip-v178-better-price-pcb-front-01


Renault CLIP 178 released notes:


No new vehicles for this version.


Starting with version CLIP 173, Windows XP is no longer compatible with CLIP.


Warning :

Maintenance of the PANASONIC CF19 MK3 ceased in March 2018 and they can no longer be registered.


Maintenance of the Tecra A11 and CF19 MK2 ceased in January 2017 and they can no longer be registered.


Since January 2016 the DELL E5500 units have no longer been serviced and cannot therefore be registered any longer.


Since August 2015 the PANASONIC CF19 MK1 units have no longer been serviced and cannot therefore be registered any longer.


Maintenance of the PANASONIC CF18s ceased in May 2014 and they can no longer be registered.


Starting with DVD CLIP 161, reprogramming with a battery tension lower than 13V is no longer possible.


You absolutely have to connect a battery charger to the vehicle.


Three charger are currently available:


– Ateq BC512 (with or without printer), link:


– Acctiva Fronius Professional Flash 50A, link:



– GYS Flash 50-12HF (rather favourable), link:

Please make sure you have this battery charger before starting any work.

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