PTT Techtool 2.6.36 Development – online setup & activate for free

Newest Ptt Dev2tool Development version V2.6.36 can program EURO5/EURO6, add new option for filter control unit and parameter group. And engineer help setup & activation online for free on 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Ptt Dev2tool V2.6.36 features in Chassis ID Change, Immobilizer ON/OFF, injector programming, Speed Limit programming.


Developer tool 2.6.36 workable devices:

Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300)

Renault Diagnostic Kit (88840133)

MACK Diagnostic Kit (RP1210)

UD Diagnostic Kit (RP1210)


Developer tool functions:

Access and program parameters of ANY Level without any restrictions for APCI database;

Edit parameter access, policy, presentation settings for APCI Plus database;

Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: speed limit;

Developer Tool for editing APCI parameters (VERSION2 and older el. system trucks);

Developer Tool Plus for editing APCI Plus parameters (VERSION3, VERSION4 el. system trucks);

Mack Developer Tool for editing V-MAC I/II/III/ITC parameters;


Developer tool workable trucks:

Covers all brands (Volvo, Renault, UD, Mack) and models supported by Tech Tool;


Developer tool workable tech tool version:

Tech Tool 1.12/2.01/2.02/2.03/2.04 in Standard (Normal) or Development mode;


Developer tool Language:

28 languages available


Developer tool OS: 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10


Ptt Dev2tool update info:

  • 2.6.36- Released December 13th, 2017
    Application updates for improved performance
    • 2.6.30- Released November 29th, 2017
    Wiggle wire test has been added ‎3711-08-03-02. Monitors the status of the code as the tech “wiggles” the wire/connector.
    Improvements for local parameter cache handling that help reduce the possibility of losing the product configuration if an ECU programming fails.
    Improvement of the Product History. The log session that before only did a DTC readout is now stored on the client (PC) and sent to Central Systems.
    • 2.6.26-Released November 1st, 2017
    Important application updates
    New links to the Volvo and Mack complete electrical schematics are found under the links section in Tech Tool.
    • 2.6.25- Released October 25th
    Improvements made to the Exhaust Aftertreatment Diagnostics operation.
    The ESP control unit configuration has been moved to the Calibrate tab.
    Improved fault tracing for OBD2018 vehicles.
    • 2.6.20- Released October 11th
    Addition of software for the soon to be released Vocom II
    New Search feature for operations. (Test, Calibrate and Programming)
    • 2.6.15-Installed directly after the 2.6.0.
    Added replay functionality to key operations. Updated graphic functionality and appearance.
    Support of the New Mack models. (GR, PI, AN and TE)
    DTC fault tracing improvements made in support of new Mack models.


Pictures mean a lot:

Tech tool Function: Diagnose, test, calibrate, program

What’s new: Eicher, Mack, OEM, Renault Trucks, SDLG, UD trucks, Volvo Buses, Volvo CE, Volvo Trucks

About Tech tool, Included versions, description

ptt-techtool-2-6-36-development-01 ptt-techtool-2-6-36-development-02 ptt-techtool-2-6-36-development-03

Parameter programming


Diagnose: incl. view DTC information, Diesel Intake Air Flow Control, Detailed status information, Freeze fram information.



Product History


Devtool Apci Plus

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