Program Mercedes Benz ME 2.0 ECU, Xprog M or UPA USB?

Need to get the Mercedes Benz ME 2.0 ECU programmed, which one is the better, Xprog-M V5.48, Xprog V5.0, Xprog V5.50) adapter or UUSP UPA USB ECU programming tool?

Both Xprog and UPA have been tested and verified working on the ECU.


Method 1:

Using x-prog ecu tuning kit without removing IC from board. But you’ll get problems with oscillator.

Method 2:

Best way is to dessolder the MCU (with hot air or something) and read with Xprog-M ECU box adapter.

Method 3:

Do not have to desolder anything, cut the pin 21 in the MCU and read with Xprog adapter, take out it and solder is too much time.

How to cut the pin 21?

Warm it up very well with the iron and twist it up with the tweezers. You have to be very careful because this exact pad pulls out very easy and its lead goes somewhere in the middle layers. Then you cut the hook from this pin and bend it back down. With some experience after cut it is ~1mm from the pad. Just put a drop of solder-job done.

Method 4:

But some user feedback that it is hardware to remove MCU and it’s risky. So they go for UPA USB instead, read it in 1 minute with UPA and “cap” adapter. One of the pins is lifted and works like a charm.

If you using Xprog, there are two version of HC11E1

4E28B HC11 processor for Benz Me 2.0 pin out

If in circuit, need disconnect Reset from PCB.




We recommed you to read Xhorse VVDI Prog V2.1.0 vs. Xprog M vs. R270 vs. Orange