Vident iLink400 GM scanner VS GM Tech 2 Scan Tool

October 23, 2019 sales 0

Vident iLink400 GM scanner is one plug-and-play OBD2 scanner, cheap and tested working to diagnose GM cars from 1996 to 2019 year. GM Tech 2 is one well-known professional user’s toy, it has capabilities of diagnosis , SPS programming and key programming etc.

OBDSTAR X300 Pro4 OBD key programmer car list

October 15, 2019 sales 0

OBDSTAR X300 Pro4 OBD key programmer can cover a wide range of worldwide car models from Europe Japan Korea America China. It can’t cover Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Abarth etc super Luxury car makes.