Superobd SKP900 what work and not work?

April 2, 2016 uobdii 0

I think some locksmith have not t often been a g-pig, and have took info from others before buying tools. When I read a post from, entitled SKP900 yes and no.


April 2, 2016 uobdii 0

I want to have one OBD scanner for most worldwide famous car models, no need cover truck models. I only want to do basic OBD diagnosing, not programming anything.

How OPCOM OPCOM Vauxhall Install on WIN7

April 1, 2016 uobdii 0

Most users install OPCOM on windows XP, but have no idea on how to install on WIN7. Then, the successful way to install OPCOM on win7 is necessarily to share; the following parts list a full…