OPCOM VAUX-COM 120309a Windows 7 32bit

Recently, some OPCOM users respond that “I couldn’t get the cracked software to run on my windows 7 laptop but it was fine on my old XP one….” Here, uobd2 offers all useful tip for OP-COM 2012V/ VAUX-COM 120309a on WIN 7.

Free download VAUX-COM 120309a:
Operation system supported:
Windows XP;
Win 7 32bit

How to install OPCOM in WIN7:
The way of installing op-com in Win 7 is the same as that in Windows XP:
Tips on using VAUX-COM 120309a software:
1. Make sure there is dotnetfx35_SP1 patch on your windows XP or Windows 7 laptop, otherwise you are unable to run opcom software.
2.If you install the software on windows 7 laptop, you can only open it as Administrator, kindly check and follow the installation video inside CD
3. Never update it online, It will damage the OP-COM

Installation procedure:
Open “My Computer/ OP-COM (E:)” to copy all the files to a new established folder named “op-com” in “Local Disk (C:)”.
The send “OP-COM” from”Local Disk (C:)/op-com” to Desktop.

Install software for USB Serial Converter
Click “Next” with the selection of “Install from a list of specific location (Advance)”.
Select “search removable media” and “include this location in the research”, then to “Browse” for “Desktop/My Computer/Local Disk (C:)/op-com/Drivers”. Then click “Next”.
Click “Next”.
Click “Finish” for successful installation of the software for USB Serial Converter.

Computer management setup
Right click “My Computer” for “Manage”.
Select “Device Manager/PC-201103301537/Universal Serial Bus controllers/USB Srial Converter”.
Close the interface.

Run VAUX-COM 120309a and diagnosis
Open “Shortcut to CP-COM”.
Select “Settings”.
Click “Test Interface”. And click “Close” on “Interface Test Result”.
Click “Save Config” button, click “OK” for “Configuration saved”.
Select “Diagnostics”.
Click “Automatic Vehicle Information”.
Click “KWP-2000”.
…(diagnosis as you want)

(NOTE: this installation instruction can be available for OPCOM 1.45 or 1.59)

OP-COM user manual:
Operation guide included:
Opcom Immobiliser Guide
Opcom Airbag Coding
Opcom SDM Programming
Opcom Diesel Pump Programming
Opcom Manual DPF Regeneration
Opcom Injector Programming
Opcom New CIM Programming
Opcom Throttle Body Reset
Opcom Clear SDM Deployment Data
Opcom Towbar And Trailer Module Coding
Opcom Read Security Code
Opcom Service Interval Reset
DLC Locations
Opcom Cruise Control
Dis (Display) Code Index List
Replace the BCM

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