New PSA-COM Diagnostic Scanner Work on CITROEN C3 Picasso Perfectly

PSA-COM Bluetooth is a 16 pin Diagnostic & Programming Tool for Peugeot/Citroen vehicles. It is a perfect Replacement of Lexia-3 PP2000, here obd2 engineer will show you how to use PSACOM to read CITROEN Picasso live data and trouble codes.


Device: PSA-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic and Programming Tool —$89.99

It is just a small box, but has powerful function. Don’t take up location of your vehicle.


Note: You should install SuperScan software on Windowns 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or Linux and Mac OS/X first(XP is better)

insert PSACOM diagnostic interface to vehicle 16pin OBD port

Connect with laptop via Bluetooth.

Then Run SuperScan

Choose “Diagnosis”


Click “+ New vehicle”


Choose “CITROEN” icon and click Create


PSA-COM software is analysing possible on-board systems…


Click “Connect”


Then choose vehicle ECU Model and click OK


The software is connecting to ECU…

Now, we use PSA-COM to read live data first, click “Live Data”


Then choose the data you want to read by clicking “Name” and clicking “+” icon


The live data is read out


Next, we use PSA-COM scanner to read trouble codes

Click “Return” and choose “Trouble Codes”


PSA-COM scanner software will show you the trouble codes and its description quickly


Besides reading live data and trouble codes, you can also use PSA-COM to do some special functions such as

-Key programming

-Service reset

-DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration

-EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) self-test

-Airbag programming

-Injector programming

-Power Steering calibration

-ECU replacement

-Car configurations

For detailed information, please check here: