New! OBDSTAR H108 PSA Programmer for IMMO and dashboard

OBDSTAR H108 PSA immobilizer programming and dashboard reset can perform BSI model automatic identification and pin code reading when all keys lost, can read write EEPROM and FLASH etc. OBDSTAR H108 device adopts the upgraded main board which allows user to test more freely, operate more easily and offer better user experience. obdstar H108 is target to after-sale market, repair shops, car technicians and car owners.




  1. Support BSI model automatic identification and manual selection
  2. Read Pin code when all keys lost
  3. Read write EEPROM, read FLASH.
  4. Competitive price comparing with the similar devices ie. PSA read PIN BSI(PTP2), PT0004 Read PIN in PSA by OBD.

Function list:


Note: for the specific car model, please refer to the obdstar H108 car list.


How to use OBDSTAR H108?

1. Functions Setting

Power on, and then press ENTER on the screen, then go to the function setting, setting information as shown below:

1.1 Function Selection

Select different functions according to different requirements.


Note: Software numbers and functions are different according to different product configuration. Further detailed information, please contact your distributor.

1.2 System Setting

Select System Setting, language and font can be adjusted, as shown below:


1.2.1 Language Selection

This device supports English. In the language directory, select required language  and press ENTER to confirm it.


1.2.2  Font setting

According to requirement, select different font


1.2.3 Metric/Inch

According to different requirements, select the Metric/Inch by the up and down keys, and press ENTER to confirm as show below,



1.2.4 Data Logging

Any problems during testing, please use the Data Logging function to record the test process and send the data to us. Select ON by the up and down keys and press ENTER to confirm, shown as below,


Note: Every time you need to select ON if you want to record the data before testing car.

1.3 System Information

System information includes product serial number, hardware version,software version, release date, register password, etc.


1.4 Device Self-test

Device self-test includes screen display, keyboard testing. hardware self-testing, etc. If it cannot show enough pictures on the screen, keyboard not work, and hardware self-test not get through, pleasereturn this productto the manufacturer.



2: How to update software for OBDSTAR H108?

2.1 Update tool software installation

Login our website: and click “One Key Upgrade”.

Download the update tool and diagnostic software, double click, then go to the next step:

Step 1:Click Next”


Step 2: Click Next”


Step 3: Wait for several minutes then the installation finished

Step 4: Click Finish

After Update Tool installation completed, click the Update Tool software icon        on desktop to start the update tools. The main interface is as shown below:




Click “Sign up” to fill in user information, Username can be English characters or the combination of alphabet and numbers.

Serial number and register password can be referred to System information in the device.( Figure 1.4.3)

For distributor code, please refer to your distributor for more details.

2.3 Software updating

Operation steps as following:

Step 1: Remove the TF card from your device.

Insert your TF card into computer.

Step 2:Open update tool and login.

Step 3: Click the source menu, choose the software you want to update, click it and confirm.

Step 4: Click and select all the software then click “update”. (Note: It is better to click “Format memory car” during updating.)

Step 5: Wait for several minutes then the updating finished.


Note:For new update software and questions during updating, please contact your distributor.