Mercedes VGS Programming: Xentry/DAS Possible?

Does anyone have success with Mercedes VGS programming, using Xentry/DAS?

Yep. it works. SD connect C4 will help code & program the new VGS (transferring old data to new vgs)


Review 1:

it could be done online,..but it takes more than 5 min!

What about 30 minutes,…and first you must wright the EHS number manually,…then to program the ETC module with the present software, code it,…then to program the engine ecu with the present software, code it too,..and

at the end you have to adapt your gearbox on the road!


please take a look at correction programming menu, normal DAS,..forget development menu!

Good luck!


Review 2:

I can do SCN right now from home

Just need a User and password to the head quarter server.


if you have user\pass you can SCN ! i installed lot of .9 bords with EHS but sometimes i install only bord in this case i need to put the EHS number and learn it to the new bord other ways the transmission will jerk , i met also problem with the SCN after i program + SCN the DAS close always for that i renter DAS again and i do the other process ( learn DAS – learn shift position ) manual , sometimes when the RPM sensor defect the DAS automatically lead you to the procedures but in this case DAS store the car vin and you won’t be able to log to the ETC anymore unless you do the procedures step by step .


Review 3:

Confirmed! Have tested by real professionals

xentry-das-vgs-programing-2-212.005 xentry-das-vgs-programing-3-212.005 xentry-das-vgs-programing-171.454 xentry-das-vgs-programing-211.022 xentry-das-vgs-programing-211.220 xentry-das-vgs-programing-212.005-1 xentry-das-vgs-programing-212.005-2 xentry-das-vgs-programing-212.051-0 xentry-das-vgs-programing-212.051-1 xentry-das-vgs-programing-212.205 xentry-das-vgs-programing-212.205-2 xentry-das-vgs-programing-219.322 xentry-das-vgs-programing-221.071

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