Mercedes EIS/ESL/ELV cable: How much + Where to get?

Mercedes EIS/ESL/ELV cable on sale:


EIS/ESL cable: confirmed to work with VVDI MB

EIS/ELV cable: confirmed to work with VVDI Mercede


EIS/ESL cable: 75 usd (with free shipping)

vvdi-mercedes-eis-esl-cable-1 vvdi-mercedes-eis-esl-cable-2 vvdi-mercedes-eis-esl-cable-3 vvdi-mercedes-eis-esl-cable-4 vvdi-mercedes-eis-esl-cable-5 vvdi-mercedes-eis-esl-cable-6 vvdi-mercedes-eis-esl-cable-7


BENZ EIS/ESL Cable+7G+ISM + Dashboard Connector MOE001 Full Set BENZ Cable Work with VVDI MB BGA Tool



EIS/ELV cable: 89 usd (with free shipping)

vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-1 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-2 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-3 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-4 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-6 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-7 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-8 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-9 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-10 vvdi-mercedes-eis-elv-cable-11


Mercedes Locks Platform Test Line for W204 W212 W221 W164 W166
Scope of Application:
The EIS ELV maintenance
Key programmer
Detection key