KTMOBD Read Honda PGM-FI (Keihin SH70581MB) Data via OBD

KTMOBD can read Honda PGM-FI (Keihin SH70581MB) data via OBD.

Plug one KTMOBD ECU programmer into the OBDII port of Honda and use the packed USB cable to connect the computer. Meanwhile plug the packed KTMFLASH USB dongle into the computer.

ktmobd-ecu-programmer-reads-honda-pgm-f1-data-01 ktmobd-ecu-programmer-reads-honda-pgm-f1-data-02



Turn on ignition.



Choose the ECU model “ Honda: PGM-FI (Keihin SH7058/1MB) ” to read

ktmobd-ecu-programmer-reads-honda-pgm-f1-data-04 ktmobd-ecu-programmer-reads-honda-pgm-f1-data-05

KTMOBD ECU Programmer & Gearbox Power Upgrade Tool Installation Guide:



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