Ktag 2.25 can read/write ECU from Mercedes W203 ME 9.7 (Wiring Diagram)

(21-12-2018) Good to know: The latest Ksuite 2.25 is verified to work perfectly with Ktag firmware 7.020, no issues of ECU read/write. Have been tested successfully on an ECU ME 9.7 from Mercedes-Benz W203 2003.


The test… here you go.

Part 1: Ktag Mercedes ME 9.7 wiring diagram

Part 2: read Mercedes ME 9.7

Part 3: write Mercedes ME 9.7


In detail…


Part 1: Ktag Mercedes ME 9.7 wiring diagram

ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-19 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-20 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-21 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-22 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-22

ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-24 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-25 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-26 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-27 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-28

ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-29 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-30 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-30 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-32 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-32 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-34

Part 2: Ktag fw 7.020 sw 2.25 reads Mercedes ME 9.7

ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-35 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-36 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-37 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-38 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-39 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-39



Part 3: Ktag fw 7.020 sw 2.25 writes Mercedes ME 9.7

ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-41 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-42 ktag-7.020-ksuite-2.25-install-43



In summary, Ktag 7.020 ksuite 2.25 can read and write ME 9.7 without issues!


The last, Ktag Ksuite 2.25 installation help

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