Keydiy KD-X2 4.6.2 update: unlock used remotes perfectly

I just updated Keydiy KD-X2 to version 4.6.2 and the REMOTE UNLOCK option is now available.

Unlock key means in this case unlocking used keys so they can be reused , thus cutting costs on new keys by unlocking and using 2nd hand keys.

keydiy-kd-x2-4-6-2-unlock-used-remotes-bmw-01 keydiy-kd-x2-4-6-2-unlock-used-remotes-brands-02 keydiy-kd-x2-4-6-2-unlock-used-remotes-chrysler

PS: Its work, but KD-X2 dont have many remote for now.


Therefore, if you want to unlock used remotes and save cost, you can order one Keydiy KD-X2.

You can order from here: