Key programming, cutting, cloning for US market, which tool?

What would be the best purchases for the US Market not much European cards where I’m at although we do have of course with a budget of $15K to be able to do the most (key programming, cutting, cloning, etc)

Key programming, cutting, cloning for US market, which tool?

For key cutting when you want to take it with you then X6, when you want to use it in a shop then Miracle or Condor. Condor Dolphin only then, when you buy VVDI Benz, just to collect the extra free calculations. Also SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine.

Key cloning and universal remotes:
VVDI key tool and/or Keydiy X2 – depends on your needs. The Keydiy is (as far I see) a must have, so I think this could be a good solution.

Dump programming:
VVDI Prog and Orange5 as eprommers, Tango for transponder programming – and as backup a TMPro2 without modules just to have the option to save your @ss in the last minute for big money.

OBD programming: Lonsdor made me a lot of ‘American cars, so that’s a must have. For everything else AVDI and obdstar.

That’s enough to start your business, and everything else you will see.


Next paragraphs are for details of the above-mentioned tools.


1Xhorse’s VVDI Key tool: A must have
This is the alternative answer of XHorse to the Keydiy stuff. To be honest this programmable universal remote idea is so good as it could be, that’s why they made another type for the same task. The first thing is compared to the Keydiy X2, what’s the next generation tool of KD after Mini, 200 & 900 is the fact, that this revolver-looking toy has a big color display, and can be used without smartphone and internet – however this abilities are usable too. The main advantage compared to a KD900 is the fact, that this tool can clone transponders, and renew used remotes too. Yes, this renewing option is strongly limited, but is much more than nothing, and can come very often handy: just get a new housing for the remote, and make money from the garbage. The transponder cloning is good from some pov it is better than Handy Baby and X2, because it has free G and H chip functions. You need only 2 types of transponders for cloning: CN3 & LKP02. As far you don’t try to clone ID48. This toy forces you to clone all ID48s as a 96 bit one via internet, and you know that this function isn’t for free…
Maybe it offers less type of remotes as the KD does, but covers the mostly needed models. Sadly they aren’t compatible with each others, so you have to decide between KD or VVDI stockings, but my answer to this problem was that I have only B01 type remotes in my car with this tool, and KD stuff in the shop.
As I said earlier, this is a must have tool, you can get it from $260 with 5 programmable remotes.


Another must have.
It is modular like AVDI or TMProII, with limited free functionality for each manufacturers. The whole BMW package is free, so you have to get it if you have to deal with Beemers. To be honest it has lots of weak points, but the documentation what is included makes it worth to pay for: pictures of the devices what you have to look for, sometimes with location and unmount pics; list of the transponders what you can use to the chosen task; the name of the chip what you have to deal with. Packages are from 50€, you get the activation code in e-mail very fast, but can depend on your dealer. So much from the good side, let’s see the weak points: It comes often, that you can’t open the .bin files for their name, just have to find out where the program accepts it. For example: Yaris as Corolla, Insignia as Camaro, Cordoba as Polo, Picanto as C’eed, aso. It gives some well-known problems: can’t do anything with the RB8 controllers, aso. It is a bit uncommon, that it wants to be updated always, but who cares, it goes fast enough via smart phone too.
However: you have to buy this to be able to do your work, so take a deep breath, and pay: 1200€ for the basic sw+hw.



I can’t really say if it is worth of its price, or not. I think I got a broken OBD-cable with the tablet, thats why it sometimes works, some times stops with connection error. Have to deal it with the seller, but thats another story. The tool is easy to use, has a lots of functions, in many places with screenshots how it should work. Not a cheap toy ($1400 with the Toyota pack), but I think it could be a good tool for the daily use (when you already bought it). Needs internet connection (at least once a week to check for updates) for some actions.
To be honest I’ve spent a lot of times to test it for DK, and I think it promises a lot, but now it is too weak in knowledge for this money. But if you already have it, you can hope that they will work on updates harder as a rock.
Update: It seems to be working now (at least with smart key cars). The making of a smart key for a ’14 Dodge Charger was fast & easy: the only trick was that I had to chose Journey from the wehicle list. Pin reading and programing was done in 2 mins.
’13 Jaguar XJ: smart key programing in 2 mins
’14 Jaguar XK: chanceless (only Abritas knows this car today)
’13 Megane III Ph2: no pin reading, asks for pin to be able to do programming.
’11 Clio III Ph2 Grand Tour: Nothing. No communication.
2 pcs Astra H: No pin; 4 pcs Astra G: No pin; and a Corsa C: no pin.
’17 Mustang Shelby GT350: It was harder to get out the rubber pad from the cup holder, than the programing itself. Smart key added in 1 min.
’04 Clio II Ph2 30 sec without pin
’10 Megane III Ph1 RS under one minute with hands free cards
’08 Dodge RAM 1500: it toke 5 mins to catch that it has to be programed as it were younger than 2012. With that setting under a minute with pin extraction.
’07 E60 Beemer: The customer had a chinese folding key with 315 MHz and he paid for just the trying – we told him that it won’t work – the only thing was that we had to re-activate the original keys. I think it can be done when you use the factory diamond 868 MHz keys.
’13 Dodge Charger smart key OK
’15 Ford Edge remote key OK, under 2 mins.
’04 & ’06 Megane II: under a minute, normal cards
’15 Dodge Challenger: under 2 mins OK
Won’t work with the Transit Connect variants (small furgons), neither Custom, Passenger, Tourneo. Tried only 5 of ’em from 2006 to a 2016 Eco Flex – no communication, or connection lost after reading the VIN. You can try it as Focus and Fiesta too – the result will be the same. I’ve made the programming mostly with the SKP900.
’15 Chrysler Town & Country under 30 secs with pin extraction
’11 Ford Transit (Normal big one) under 2 mins with AKL solution
Strange, but true: If you chose AKL @ Transit, then you can program only one key too, the difference is that the remote controller will be disabled, and the immo LED won’t switch off, but you can start the car. Tested @ my mates transit, worked fine with only one key fine for 3 days, then was the second key added, because he hated to open the backdoor with two turns to open direction on the driver’s door. When I added the second key, the remote began to work again (was added before teaching key).

I think it is a good tool if you have to deal with smart keys – if pin is needed


4VVDI Prog:
The best 2nd eprommer what you can get (for moderate price). Mostly used for Beemer and Benz in our shop. Not too expensive, but easy 2 use. I bought it when we had difficulties with a Beemer and the problem was solved in no time. Has good pictures for in-circuit-use, and needs less connectors as the O5 for the daily use. A bit uncommon look, but you can find everything if you look with open eyes Free updates and compatibility with all other X-Horse product. With free shipping costs $400, thanks to its origin no clones are available.



This post aims to help make right decision what to have for a locksmith. Especially if you are new in the car keys world and you are getting informed well before spending money ….


Credits to @PocketHero (DK Veteran)