KD-X2 KEYDIY Generate Nissan Remote and Copy ID46 Chip

Here, I’d like to show you how to step to step use KD-X2 KEYDIY remote maker, incl. generate a remote and copy a chip. Take Nissan Grand Livina.


In detail…


The key tool: KD-X2 KEYDIY generator


The car: Nissan Grand Livina

kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-1 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-2



The procedure:


Step 1: KD-X2 KEYDIY generates the remote

Power on


Test the remote frequency

kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-4 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-4 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-6


Connect the chip, the machine with the car

kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-7 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-8 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-9


Run the KEYDIY application on the phone


Accept the disclaimer to go on

Go to remote function


Then remote search to generate the remote

First search the remote automatically

Then search it manually

kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-12 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-13 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-13 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-15 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-16 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-17 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-19 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-20


Step 2: KD-X2 KEYDIY copies Nissan ID46 chip


Go to chip function


Put the transponder in the coil

Detect the transponder:

46 chip


Encryption mode Manchester

Locked Nissan

Can be copied


Decrypted successfully, please put in KD NB remote or other 46 chip that can be copied (please connect well the NB remote while use wired copy), then press copy button


Generate in process…


ID46 chip is copied successfully


Pu the chip into the remote shell to test if it’s working or not

kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-27 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-28 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-29 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-30

Tested working no issues

kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-31 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-32 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-33 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-34 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-35 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-36 kd-x2-keydiy-copy--nissan-46-chip-37


Job’s done!


Have fun with KD-X2 KEYDIY generator!