JLR SDD V166 Crack is tested working 100% OK

Newest JLR SDD V166 is tested working 100% ok on Chinese Allscanner VXDIAG DOIP VCI interface. Or even you have higher SDD version, you can also use it with DOIP VCI.


JLR SDD V166 download:


Size: 100 GB (Incl. installation and update)


SDD V166 workable hardware:

DOIP VCI interface (Yes)



 Incl. DOIP VCI interface with SDD V166 software

JLR Mangoose interface (Not sure)


Src: http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/jlr-mongoose-for-jaguar-and-land-rover.html 


Is it worth to have one DOIP VCI with SDD V166 ?


Functions & workable car models:

DoIP diagnostic tool is compatible with SDD to maintain and diagnose Jaguar & Land Rover; also compatible with Pathfinder to maintain and diagnose the following models:

Land Rover Range Rover L405 2017 year

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Edition L494 2017 year

Land Rover New Discovery L462 2017 year
Jaguar F-TYPE X152 2018 year
Jaguar F-PACE X761 2018 year
Jaguar XE X760 2018 year
Jaguar XE X260 2018 year


VXDIAG VCX DoIP Diagnostic function:
Read and clear fault codes

Read data stream

Reset maintenance service

Test parts function

Program new keys

Change a car’ configuration CCF

Program a new module


Test reports:

Real test Pathfinde + VCX DoIP, ECU diagnosis 



Real test Pathfinde + VCX DoIP , CCF function.


For more real test reports, to be continued.