ICOM A2 ISTA-P central encoding code not be read (fixed)

There is only a problem with connection via ISTA-P software on my PC
There is no problem with ISTA-D which everything is fine. Read data etc.
Car is F30 320d 2012 year
Here, I explain all step by step to end up the trouble.

Before starting vehicle programming, ensure that the basic requirements for error-free programming are satisfied. See ISTA/P under documentation “Preparation and follow up of vehicle programming”.

ISTA-P-central-encoding-code-not-be-read (1) (fixed)

Vehicle : F30. Vehicle access being checked…

ISTA-P-central-encoding-code-not-be-read (2)

The vehicle order central encoding code not be read from the vehicle. The selected model series group is “F020”. This selection might have been incorrect.

ISTA-P-central-encoding-code-not-be-read (3)

The vehicle order could not be read from the vehicle. Import of vehicle order required.

ISTA-P-central-encoding-code-not-be-read (4)


I select “Print Screen” or “Prnt Scrn” on keyboard to take screenshot and then paste in program like Paint for better images, but images are not unreadable


Then i calculate FP in E-sys and see which VO incompatible with current psdzdata. i’ve tried this matter and there are obsoleted VO (in a forum bro’s case, 620 is valid before but obsoleted now, remove it and fixed)

Newest BMW Rheingold ISTA-D  ISTA-P  Download

That is the easiest to test. Manually search all H-words, E-words, and W Selectors; however, to decrypt FAFP first. One can load FA, calculate FP, and E-sys will accept or ID exactly which values are not found in FA2FP table.

FYI: to decrypt FAFP files, F020 is fafp_000009b7.fap.xxx_xxx_xxx and F030 is fafp_00000a6a.fap.xxx_xxx_xxx.