How to update xprogm ECU programmer from v5.0 to V5.45?

If you want update the XPROG-M from V5.0 to V5.45, what will you do? Ask the seller send you the software for update? Or spend about $180USD to buy a new XPROG-M V5.45? Both answers are not true, UOBDII.COM engineer suggest you buy an additional ATMEGA64 Repair Chip only costs only $85USD, 100USD less than XPROG-M V5.45, the engineer already test it is working and also it allow the user to downgrade from V5.48 to V5.45 if the Xprog-M was damaged during update.

It is packed with an ATMEGA64 chip and software.

ATMEGA64 Repair Chip  01

Next is to install it, 2 steps to install the software.

Step one: solder new Atmega64 MCU to xprog. Overwrite all files and folders from Xprog_Preinstalled, to the native Xprog install. Usualy c:\Program Files\ELDB\Xprog or c:\Program Files(X86)\ELDB\Xprog.

Step two: you can now start and Run Xprog. If you want to use this version on brand new PC, please install Xprog 5.0 and Adobe acrobat reader prior to files copy.


After installation, you will find Xprom V5.4.5 support much more MCU than 5.0, including:

Auth-0023-1 MAC7xxx Authorized 5/9/2013

Auth-0023-2 XC2300 Authorized 5/9/2013

Auth-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx Authorized 5/9/2013

Auth-0024-2 MC9S12XE Authorized 5/9/2013

Auth-0024-3 MC9S12XE Security Authorized 5/9/2013

Auth-0024-4 MC9S12HA/HY/P Authorized 5/9/2013

ATMEGA64 Repair Chip  02


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