How to install VIDA2014D on Windows 8.1 / 10 Pro / Core x86 / x64 PC?

– This instruction is to install VIDA2014D from an .iso image (or from a folder) on a PC with Windows 10 x86-x64 of all options and versions (as of 03/01/2018). Suitable for Windows 8 all versions and versions.
– In Windows 7, installing in the usual way – running \ Install \ DVD \ Vida_dvdheader \ Main \ setup.exe
– If you have an image without the Russian language (and you need it) – unpack the image with any archiver into a folder (for example, VIDA2014D), download the archive at the end of the post, create a ru-RU folder in VIDA2014D \ DB , put the downloaded servicerep_ru-RU archive into it . zip , you can start the installation.
– If the PC has 2GB of RAM, the hard disk is 20GB (3GB and 30GB for 2014D) and less, you need to unpack the image and make the appropriate changes to the \ VIDA2014D \ Install \ DVD \ Vida_dvdheader \ Compinfo.ini file , in the Win7MinValue lines = we write 512 , in Win7Recommend = we write 5000000 (or we erase one digit at the end), we save.
– If the PC is failed due to unsuccessful attempts to install different versions of VIDA – you need to prepare for a new installation, clean up the OS (uninstall the VIDA, SQL components, delete the remaining folders, delete the remaining keys in the registry).

Method 1

1 . Training.
You do not need to install anything else, except as specified in this manual. Also, there is no need to disable / stop any of the default components in Windows 10 (protector, firewall, etc.).
a ) Install .NET Framework 3.5 from:
– Control Panel – Programs and Components – Enabling or disabling Windows components
In the Windows Components window , mark the .NET Framework 3.5 , then OK , the .NET Framework 3.5 will load and install, you may need to restart. If it is already installed earlier – go to the next item.
b ) Insert the image into the virtual drive (in Windows 10 it is present by default) by double clicking on VIDA2014D.iso .
Open the image folder in the explorer.
c ) Run cmd from the administrator from the open folder with the image VIDA2014D:
– File – Open Command Prompt – Open Command Prompt as Administrator
Until the end of the installation, DO NOT close the cmd window, we will need it TWO times.

2 Installation and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 .
– Copy / paste into the cmd window and press Enter :

“3PP” Products / SqlExpress / HIDECONSOLE / ENU / QS

– Wait until the installation is complete. You can check the correctness of the last installation in:
– Start – All Applications – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 – SQL Server Installation Center – Tools – Installed SQL Server features discovery report
The default browser opens with a report. We look – in the table there are two lines (at the end of No it should be so), close the SQL Server Installation Center .

3 Installing VIDA2014D .
– Copy / paste BOTH lines in the cmd window and press Enter :

set __compat_layer = WIN7RTM
“Install \ DVD \ Vida_dvdheader \ Main \ setup.exe”

– Select VIDA All-in-one .
– Select only ONE language (you can set TWO languages ​​and switch them – see Method 2 ).
– Accept the license agreement.
– Select the installation path. It is recommended to leave the default C: \ VIDA. Time setting takes from 10 minutes (modern PC and SSD) to 40 minutes or more (weak PC and slow HDD). You can monitor it in the Task Manager for the activity of the alba process. At the end of the installation, 4 icons will appear on the desktop.
– Select in the pop-up Internet window, then Save , then Close , and Close again.
– Refuse to reboot.
– Close the cmd window.
4 Treatment and first launch.
– Run New patch (link at the end of the post). After applying the patch (tablet), VIDA Monitor should start, after some time a green arrow instead of a yellow arrow should appear on its icon in the tray.
– In the pop-up window of the regular firewall, select Allow access for Java .
– Launch VIDA with the VIDA All-in-One icon on the desktop (or in the Start menu, or through the right-click menu on the VIDA Monitor icon in the tray).
– If Internet Explorer prompts you to select and enable add-ons – turn it on.
– Enter in the Username : 4 field for the Europe region (others – 1, 2, 3).
– Wait for IsoView to load.
– Go to the Vehicle Profile tab, enter the VIN code. Must open car.
– Disable VIDA eUpdate in the Task Manager on the Startup tab, line Java Platform SE binary . You can also disable VIDA Monitor from startup and launch it as needed from the shortcut in Start – VIDA . Adobe Reader XI , which was installed with VIDA, can be deleted (if you use another pdf application or are not needed). Of the four shortcuts that appeared on the desktop after installing VIDA, only VIDA All-In-One is needed, the other three can be deleted (they are in the Start menu application list).
– Done, you can use.

Image 3: The arrow on the icon should be green.


Method 2 (recommended)

– At the bottom of the post there is a link to the resource where you can download the finished version with adaptation to the latest Windows 10 update and the ability to use two languages ​​- Russian and English. It contains an easy way to install using cmd files (you don’t need to enter anything manually). Everything you need to install and normal operation on Windows 10 already exists in the downloaded disk image (.iso).

Solutions to common problems

————————————————– ——————
VIDA Monitor server does not start … After a while, a red icon appears on the icon ? perhaps another Windows 10 update is to blame. Download the archive with the jdk folder, unload VIDA Monitor, delete the jdk folder from C: \ VIDA , unpack the downloaded one into C: \ VIDA , then reboot the PC. The archive with the necessary, to solve this problem, can be downloaded at the end of the post (my repack already contains this JDK!).
————————————————– ——————
VIDA Monitor server does not start (JDK is updated or my repack!) … A window appears with a message about the busy 80 m port … It is necessary to determine who occupied the port and release it. Run cmd from admin, type netstat –ao . In the Local Address column, find the line with the 80 m port, looks like 80 . We look at its PID , in cmd we enter cmd tasklist | find “****” (instead of **** – PID). We see the culprit. Or you can do this – launch the Task Manager , go to the Details tab, the required process can be found by the value of the process ID column (the PID that was found in cmd ). Immediately in the Task Manager, you can complete / disable this process (and immediately check the launch of VIDA Monitor).
a) The port is occupied by Skype – in the Skype settings you can change the port (or delete if not needed).
b) Port occupied by IIS service – disable it in the Control Panel – Programs and Features – Enable disabling Windows components .
c) … etc.
————————————————– ——————
VIDA Monitor server does not start – is there a sign in the icon ?
a) Unload VIDA Monitor .
b) In the C: \ VIDA \ System \ Log folder, delete all contents except the Diagnostics folder (delete its contents if there is one).
c) Launch VIDA Monitor , wait ?
d) In the folder C: \ VIDA \ System \ Log, look at what the last lines are written in VidaMonitor.log .
d) … depends on what is written there
————————————————– ——————
VIDA Monitor Server is starting up – a yellow arrow remains on the icon …
a) Unload VIDA Monitor .
b) In the C: \ VIDA \ System \ Log folder, delete all contents except the Diagnostics folder (delete its contents if there is one).
c) Launch VIDA Monitor , wait 5-10 minutes …
d) In the folder C: \ VIDA \ System \ Log, look at what the last lines are written in VidaMonitor.log .
d) … depends on what is written there
————————————————– ——————
– After launching the VIDA All-In-One icon, Internet Explorer opens with a blank page and http: // localhost / Vida in the line …
In Browser properties – Security – Local intranet – Sites – Additionally , add the following node to the zone: paste http: // localhost (remove the space after http), then Add, Close, Ok, Apply . Close Internet Explorer and try again to start VIDA All-In-One .
————————————————– ——————
Username field is not active … The tablet did not work, apply again carefully observing all the conditions (you can temporarily disable the antivirus), then restart the PC. .
————————————————– ——————
– When entering the VIN-code it writes access denied … Check and enter the VIN-code MANUALLY (NOT through copy / paste).
————————————————– ——————
– After starting, in the field Communication tool – ” cross ” or ” crossed out circle ” … You need to run the reg.files from \ Install \ Utils on the image / disk with VIDA EnableIEHostingx86.reg or EnableIEHostingx64.reg (for x64 OS).
IE should be closed! Archive with the necessary files to solve this problem can be downloaded at the end of the post.
————————————————– ——————
– In the module diagram, no module is selected (not clickable), the site diagrams are very small and nothing is selected …
This often happens on tablets with a screen resolution of 1080P and above (the default scaling is 150%). To work with VIDA, set the Parameters – Display resolution to 720P (1280 * 720) and scaling 100% .
————————————————– ——————
– On the start page of VIDA I enter in the Username : 4 field (and others – 1, 2, 3), the download indicator passes but does not allow to enter further … The old tablet has ended, at the end of the post there is a solution.
————————————————– ——————
Connecting and installing DiCE

If you plan to use DiCE:
– Connect the device to the vehicle’s OBD connector (or power it at 5-12 V / 1-2 A with a suitable power supply, the dice will NOT receive power via USB!).
– Connect it to the USB connector of the PC.
– Wait until the device is installed in Windows.
– Run VIDA, make sure the installed DiCE is in the “Communication tool” field.
Is done.
If you want to use DiCE on bluetooth (you must first connect via USB!), Run (corresponding to the OS bit depth) the reg file and search / add BT devices in the OS. Instructions with the necessary registration files for connecting via Bluetooth and the driver for using DiCE without VIDA can be downloaded at the end of the post.
To test the instrument, use the standard utility of DiCE Diagnostic in – Start – All Applications – DiCE .

Installation of EWD schemes in VIDA

In order for EWD schemes to be accessible from VIDA , you must copy the contents of the Rus folder from the EWD disk (image) to:
\ VIDA \ jboss \ standalone \ deployments \ VidaEar.ear \ VidaWeb.war \ wiring_diagrams \ Rus
If there is no Rus folder on the EWD disk / image, copy the contents from, for example US_Eng , everything is clear in the schemes and in English You need to copy to the Rus folder, if VIDA is in Russian (if there is no such folder, create one). Then restart VIDA Monitor.
Is done.
Located in Information – Troubleshooting – Wiring Diagrams .
– At the bottom of the post there is a link to the resource where you can download the EWD .

Image 4: EWD 2014D


VIDA access over the network

To make VIDA available over the network, you need to stop VIDA Monitor, change the line in the file:
VIDA \ jboss \ standalone \ configuration \ standalone.xml
<interface name = “public”>
< inet-address value = “$ {jboss.bind.address:}” />

</ interface>

<interface name = “public”>
< any-ipv4-address />

</ interface>

Then run VIDA Monitor (or reboot the PC). On another PC, you need to install the accompanying software – IsoView and the driver DiCE (if needed there). From this PC (in the local network, VPN, etc.) in IE, enter the address of the PC from the VIDA – * IP of the computer * / Vida (for example, or create a shortcut with the object “C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer \ iexplore.exe ” * computer IP * / Vida.
Is done.

How to delete profiles of cars that have already been read / entered

Run the file:
\ VIDA \ db \ dbutils \ clearDatabase.bat from the disk / image or from the folder installed by VIDA.
Is done.
ALL profiles and data of read machines will be deleted! Individually delete is not possible. After, you need to reapply the pill .


Visual guide for those who first use VIDA and DiCE for diagnostics

If you plan to do the diagnostics yourself, on this site Volvo technical information has a lot of useful information – do not be lazy to read it Thank SergVolvo
The manual page in the Diagnostics section, direct link to
Self-diagnose slide show with DiCE and VIDA .

That’s all